Corporate Packages

Corporate Wellness Program

Dr. Jennifer Tanner, ND can provide a solution for your employees health, happiness and productivity. A platform will be provided to educate and inspire your employees to maximize their health, energy and work place performance.

Working in a busy office can be stressful. Studies show, what we eat can have an impact on our mood and how we interpret stressful events. It is through optimal digestion where people will experience an improvement in mood, energy and personal performance. Employees of all ages can implement our key stress management techniques into their busy lives and learn how to use their food as fuel and create a work life balance today. Creating coping strategies is a step towards creating a positive workplace environment where employees feel good about coming to work, thus providing the motivation to get you through the day. With a focus on evidence based nutrition, we will discuss how nutrient supplementation, diet and lifestyle changes can improve your nutrient load, concentration and creative thinking.

Pricing Cost of a single 60-minute (up to 50 people) Lunch & Learn Seminar: $350.00.


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