Medical Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture

Busy executives and top athletes are using acupuncture to provide musculoskeletal relief, speed recovery times and improve their mental game. Acupuncture works on neurophysiological pathways to stimulate

Change. Balance. Results.


Studies show injuries such as a Hamstring Injury respond well to Acupuncture treatments twice per week for three weeks.


Fertility Acupuncture

Being a Mom is way more than just having kids. The active women’s struggle with fertility may be different than others. Your treatments should be too.

From egg to baby, acupuncture can help every step of the way. Studies show treatments using acupuncture can safely increase your odds of conception and maintenance of a healthy pregnancy. Once pregnant, treatments can be used to help control pregnancy symptoms (nausea, constipation, aching legs, etc) and prepare your body for delivery.

The frequency of Fertility Acupuncture treatments varies from weekly to monthly depending on the reason why you are having difficulty conceiving. IUI and IVF protocols include Acupuncture Treatments 24-48 hours Pre and Post Procedure.

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