You can, and you will. With the right treatment plan, you can break records, tear down walls and unlock the extra ordinary.


Healthcare that inspires you to perform
At work and at the gym.


Executive treatment you deserve. We are not the same so your healthcare shouldn’t be. Discover how personalized treatment completes your high performance world.

Medicine That Performs

Partnering with a passionate practitioner who is dedicated to the design of your success takes the stress off of you.
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How do you want to get Stronger?

Absorb what you put in

Hack the healing process with the power of nutrition. Make your food work for you. It’s simple. Create an environment of optimal absorption for a stronger, faster you.

Injury Recovery and

You are busy and you are strong. Injuries require our attention. Keep your inflammatory load in check – heal faster so you can keep going.

Metabolic Makeover

Hormones pulling you in all directions?
Give your hormones a competitive advantage for a leaner, healthier you so you can look and feel your best – from the inside out.

Energy 180

We all want more. More energy. More strength. More life. Stress is what drives you to success. But when stress pushes you over the edge it can be difficult to recover. Personalized programs are designed to give you a boost at the cellular level.

The next step is yours. Your program. Your results.
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What would working with me look like?

As a Naturopathic Doctor I care about health promotion and am invested in the quality of your health. I work hard to ensure that my patients have the best assessment, diagnostic and treatment protocols.


Dive into what’s working and what’s not to create a roadmap that aligns your health with your goals.

Design your Health

We know your health is much more than the sum of its parts. By analyzing your symptoms, labs, and nutrient intake, we will create a strategic prescription uniquely tailored for you.


Working with an expert will orchestrate your body’s communication for targeted results.

Dr. Jennifer Tanner, ND

Dr. Tanner is passionate about science and medical research and being able to incorporate these findings into practical treatments. She is trained to look at the symptoms you have today and implement measures to prevent disease 1-2-3 decades from now. Keeping you energetic and active is the best medicine!

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Dr. Jennifer Tanner, ND

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Can The Foods You Eat Impact Your Performance

Can the foods you eat Impact your performance? Absolutely. But what if your go to super food is making you slow? As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am always looking to find the root cause to your concerns.

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B12 Shots For Athletes

POWER Shots. Deficiency in this Vitamin could affect your energy and performance. About 20 years ago I was shown a movie on the treatment of animals. I haven’t touched meat since. Plant based meals

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We Are here for you Motivate Your Mail

Dr. Jennifer Tanner, ND
Dr. Tanner believes in giving back. She knows Canadian Athletes need support to reach their hopes and dreams. This year, she has chosen to sponsor the Riverdale Athletics Club providing treatment to all of their athletes and Olympic hopefuls. Dr. Tanner, ND sponsors local athletics. As a mother of three, she understands what its like to be a part of a busy family. Not only does she encourage children to be more active, but for their parents to be healthy enough to join them!

Professional Grade Supplements at your Doorstep

Fast and Affordable

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Convenient Shopping

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Easy Adherence to
Doctors Protocol

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Dr. Tanner has appeared in and sponsored

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